Sweet sixteen or Quinceañeras

USA 2015 - 2018.

Honorable Mention.  (Event, traditions and cultures) IPA 2018. USA

This series is made in central Florida, one of the most populated states with a very high percentage of immigrants from a large number of predominantly Spanish-speaking countries.

We all have the fifteen-year festivities in common, which dates back several hundred years with slightly different rites or customs depending on the Country and even on the roots or religion of the relatives. In the United States they have the same celebration but with a difference of one year (16 years), in all cases it represents the border between childhood and the logical responsibilities of adolescence in consequence to its  society.

One of my reasons is to see  the process of integration of these adolescents in their communities, upon reaching

  this age in their school environment in parallel with the demands of their family regarding their cultural roots. The same in reverse with the girls descended from slightly older emigrants in these lands. In each of these celebrations by natural selection, there are differences in the small details, creating a diversity of cultural and religious beliefs or the lack of these.  being represented by their symbolic expressions.

Apart from his  Ethnographic value based on the temporal and geographical context, it motivates me to perceive their feelings when they come to be considered adolescents, reflecting their emotions and fantasies before  the almost imminent arrival of a promising and optimistic future, taking another step towards his independent personal identity, being part of the adults of tomorrow, the new generations.

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