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Ramón Grandal. 

Since 1970, he has participated in more than 60 group exhibitions in Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Hungary and other countries, standing out: Made in Latin America, Venice 79;  Soirée Latinoamericaine. Arles, France, 1979; Contemporary Latin American photography. Georges Pompidou Center. Paris, France, 1982; First and Second Biennial of Havana; 45 years of Cuban Photography;  I sing to reality. Latin American Photography 1860-1992;  Cuba 100 years of photography;  PhotoEspaña 98;  Anthology of Cuban Photography 1898-1998;  House of America, Madrid, Spain. 2000 (1998).  


Meeting with notable photographers:

One world, several points of view. MagnumPhotos / Venezuela in the  Jesús Soto Museum, Ciudad Bolívar and Alejandro Otero Museum, Caracas, Venezuela., 2007.  Cuba, 65 Years of Photography, International Center of  Photography, New York. 2015.


He has made more than 30 individual exhibitions, including  they:

The Cuban Baroque Italo-American Institute of Architecture, Rome, Italy, 1980;

In the path. National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba, 1986;

Cuba. Photoforum Gallery, Bienn-Biel, Switzerland;

Cuba 1933-1992, Two Visions: Walker Evans-Ramón Grandal;

World House of Wine, 1992; Kubanische Photograph (Gilda Pérez, Ramón Grandal, Pedro Abascal) Baviera Museum, Zurich, Switzerland; Focus. Festival of Light. International Photography Festival 2000, Venezuela;

Ramón Grandal,; Memories of the House, Photo Library of Cuba. Havana, Cuba, 2008.


His photographs are in different public and private collections. It is worth mentioning:

Musée de L'Elysée, Switzerland;

Photoforum Pasquart, Switzerland;

Mexican Council of Photography;

Museum of Fine Arts of Havana, Cuba;

Museum of Fine Arts of Caracas, Venezuela;

National Art Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela between  other


His photographs have been published for more than 25 years in books, magazines and newspapers in Europe, the United States and Latin America. Among the publications we can cite: 

Camera, Switzerland, 1980 (photographic essay); 

The City of Columns, Text Alejo Carpentier, Photographs by Ramón Grandal, Editorial Bruguera, Spain, 1982; 

I sing to reality. Latin American Photography 1868-1992, Lunwerg Editores 1993, Madrid, Spain;

ExtraCAMARA (photo essay) Venezuela;

Memory: Cuban Visual Arts of the 20th Century, Editorial California International Art Foundation, USA, 2003.


It obtains different awards and mentions, among them it is worth mentioning:

Mention.  Josune Dorronsoro Latin American Photography Award;

Prize.  International Festival of Light; 

Prize. Photography,  Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba.


He has given conferences in different Universities as well as Photography Workshops in public and private institutions. He has taught for 30 years in Cuba, Spain and Venezuela while developing his work as an artist and his work of a professional nature.


This curriculum is supported by catalogs, books and different publications.

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