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1970.      - Professor Juan Carlos Verdial Soltura. ( private ) Composition and Drawing. Cuba.
1973.      - Professor Juan Carlos Verdial Soltura. ( private ) Painting, engraving and screen printing . Cuba.         
1975.      - Professor Asterio Contreras Contreras. ( private ). Photography (Developing negatives and painting on the positive
          photographic). Cuba.
1975/76. - Technical School, Central Camilo Cienfuegos. Mechanical Draftsman. Sugar Ministry. Cuba.
1981.      - Ministry of Internal Trade. Technical architect. Degree thesis . Cuba.
1982/83. - J. Antonio Echeverría University Center. (CUJAE) Architecture.  1st year. Cuba. 
1984/86. - Technical School of Construction. Ministry of Construction. Degree thesis . Cuba. 
1987.      - Committee "Pro Gráfica Cubana". Integral Photography. Degree thesis . Cuba.
1989.      - Professor Abelardo Rodríguez. ( private ) Photography (The development of Positives) Cuba. 

2008.      - Professor Henrik Boegh. Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Castilla la Mancha. Antonio Building
          Saura. ( Engraving no  toxic )  Cuenca, Spain. 
His regular studies, from the 7th grade to the university, was through the night schools created for workers and peasants. When he was demobilized from the Columna Juvenil deL Mar for being a minor (1973), wanting to return to his interrupted studies, it could not be. The Ministry of Education had created a new regulation and cases like him, with school delays for their age (according to the new regulations), could not study in day schools and  Nor, in night schools because he had to be a worker and he was not old enough to work at that time.
He had already started the course when he was able to enter the night school as a listener but with the right to the final exam of the course. After passing the final exam for the first year, he was able to officially continue on that path, without having to be a worker at the time.
In the plastic arts and in some technologies he was self-taught, between 1973 and 1987 apart from the private workshops he received, he studied different techniques,  criticism and art history in magazines and specialized books that came to his hands.
His first workshop on art and photographic techniques was in 1988, invited by the Casa de Cultura de la Habana Vieja, where he later founded the photographic collective ¨Contacto¨ in that same year.
Before working as a press photographer at the Diario Tribuna de la Habana in 1989, he worked in different professions and worked on his own with different authorized licenses.
Work as...
1971/73.   - Fisherman sailor.  Columna Juvenil del Mar. Crew of Aguají and Lamda 44. Shrimp Fleet 
           from Cienfuegos. Las Villas, Cuba.
1976/78.  - Agricultural production technician.  (EJT) Optional to compulsory military service. Ciego de Avila. The villages,
1979/80.  - Civil designer. Maintenance brigade of the Ministry of Commerce of the Interior. Old Havana, Cuba.
1980/81.  - Programming and Budget of Construction works . Commercial Maintenance Company. Havana
           Old, Cuba.
1981 / 83. -  Civil Designer. Project Center of the Ministry of Fisheries. Old Havana, Cuba.
1983/86.  - Programming and Budget of Construction works . ECOA 7. Lawton, Cuba.
1987.      -  Programming and Budget of Construction works. Cerro microbrigade. Cuba.
1989/93.  - Press Photographer. Tribuna de la Habana newspaper. City of Havana, Cuba.
1994/95.  - Photographer. Photo Library of Cuba. Old Havana, Cuba.
Independent professional
1981/83. - License  Commercial photographer . 
1986/88. - License  Craftsman . (Ink and pyrography on leather) and (textile design on women's garments) Contracts for the
          Cultural Assets Fund.
1993/95. - Free lancer photographer.  Contract for the archive of works of art at the Center for the development of the arts
          plastic arts and the Cultural Property Fund.
Permanent residence in Spain, 1996.
Photographic Lab (Printer) 1995/2007: 
Black and white prints on silver bromide papers for several prestigious photographers in Barcelona.
He gave workshops on Author Chemistry Techniques and Systems, as a guest to the expert cycle at the School of Plastic Arts and Design of Oviedo,  Spain, 1995.
Photographer Free lancer (1997/2002): 
Press photography, collaborating with various newspapers and magazines in Navarra. In the newspaper El Heraldo de Soria continuously and for some institutions in Madrid, such as ARCO 2000 among others. 
Researcher, creator and producer in chemistry  (1995/2002):

Due to their special and original results between the years 1996 to 2001, their formulas were accepted and protected in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, which surpassed the results of the contemporary avant-garde, led by transnational companies such as Tetenal, Kodak, AGFA and Ilford) This sparked the interest of two German companies. Later reaching a contractual agreement as an industrial manufacturer of its own patents  and in  exclusively for Marketing:

"The new generation fine art B / N chemistry".  JOBO (Jobo Labortechnik, GmbH & Co. KG.) 2000.

As a result of the JOBO 2001 Catalog presented at the German International Festival FOTOKINA 2000, four of its developers were presented, published in various specialized magazines in Spain and Germany with different Teas, made by a dozen internationally renowned specialists.

Between 2001 and 2002 I worked on several temporary contracts as a preparer of exclusive formulas for Ceras Rouras SA laboratories, Figueras, Spain.

Pigment Printer on Art Papers (2007/2009): 
His darkroom experiences with silver halide printing allowed him to rapidly advance the pioneering techniques of Epson's professional printers. He worked on Giglée print editions of different artists at Ediciones Tristán Barbará. (TBe) Barcelona.
Home  stay in  USA 2010.
Event Photographer (2012 to present): 
Commercial photography of cultural events and prints on Canvas, magazines and professional album.
Member of the International Selection Committee (2016/2019):
Florence International Biennial of Contemporary Art. Florence, Italy. On  Edition XI (2017) and Edition XII (2019).

Co-founder and Vice President  (2017)
Open Art Miami Inc, Miami, 2017.
Selection Committee Member  (2017)
¨ International Contemporary Art Contest, Miami 2017¨ USA
Photography jues  (2012 and 2013)
Reflections, Art Contest (PTSA). Olympia High School. In the Courses (2012 - 2013) and (2013 - 2014). Orlando, Florida. USA

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