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  Colecciones Públicas y Privadas

 Public and Private Collections

   Media Library, INAH, Mexico.

    Toscano Photographic Archive, Italy.  
Photo Library of Cuba.
April Festival month of Photography. Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.
Collection of Curator Clint Willour. USA

Center for Cuban Studies, New York. USA
Inés María Galerie, Houston. USA 
Museum of Fine Arts of Santo Domingo. Dominican R.
Fotofest, Houston, USA

Mother Jones International. Fund for Documentary Photog. USA  
  Zone Gallery, England.

Palmer Museum of Art Pennsylvania. USA  
Jerald R. Green, New York. USA

The Museum of Fine Art Houston. USA.  
Benjamin Ortiz, Mexico.
University of La Rabida, Huelva. Spain.
UNESCO / ACCU, Tokyo. Japan.

  World Press Photo Foundation. Holland.   
Photograph Forum Frankfurt. Germany.

  Joshua P. Smith, Washington. USA  
Lawrence W. Oliverson, Sullivan. USA

  Throckmorton Gallery, New York. USA  
Humberto Chávez, Mexico, DF 

Southeast Museum of Photography, Florida, USA   
If Imagin Gallery, Milan, Italy.

Editions Tristán Barbará (TBe) Barcelona. Spain.  
Caja Duero, Soria Spain. 

Zaragoza Graphic Gallery, Zaragoza. Spain.     
P. Celina Lunsford, Frankfurt, Germany

National Museum of Photography , Pachuca,  Mexico.  
Humor Museum. Cuba. 

National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba. UNEAC.   
SIART Biennial Collection, Bolivia.
Barrett Art Center, NY. USA

More complete collections of his work:

Editions Tristán Barbará. (TBe) Barcelona.
(Selection of works 1988 to 2009)

Daytona Beach Community College and Southeast Museum of Photography. Daytona. USA
(Selection of works 1990 to 1994)

Artist's collection, partial view:


Colecciones más completas de su obra

Ediciones Tristán Barbará. (TBe) Barcelona.(Selección de obras 1988 al 2009)

Daytona Beach Community College and Southeast Museum of Photography. Daytona. E.U.A.(Selección obras 1990 al 1994) 

Colección del artista, vista


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