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ANATOMIES. 1 and 2.

(the body of the body)

43 (2).jpg

The "Anatomies" series intends to experiment with associated mental exercises, preconceived by different cultures and popular psychology.  


They are an abstract interpretation of the portrait, in search of a reflection on our perception of beauty and the strange, the fantasies  and eroticism.

East  it is my first work produced entirely with digital techniques. My first 2.5 MP digital camera bought in 1997 by a great friend who gave it to me later in 2002.

"Anatomías 2" was caused by the artist's proposal  Kommissar Hjuler to participate in his BROTKATZE Collaborations IV project in Berlin, Germany.

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Two_anatomy_nº1_90x25cm_Kommissar_ Hjuler_&_Jose_Ney_2013.jpg
Two_anatomy_nº3_90x25cm_Kommissar_ Hjuler_&_Jose_Ney_2013.jpg

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