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Isolate Two.


           " Isolated " The Base.
          (Inside and outside the * Circle)
           // Existence, (Situation): The movement 
           that  shape  a print,  creating  a  new 
           dimension of time (what is close - what is alive) Or what is 
            immobile, the coma, the timeless (the distant - the inert).  

            // Growth, (Development): The expansion of the perimeter 
             outward (north) And the contraction of the  perimeter towards 
             the interior (the south).  

   // Reproduction, (Survival): Multiply 
            filling with their multiples "apparently", all the space 
            (cloning) Or divide until its dividends are not 
            "apparently" visible (extinction).  

            // Evolution,  (Pollution): The expansion of the perimeter thickness 
            until it is the whole (the east) Or its contraction until 
              disappears (the west).  

            * Circle = isolation - island - surrounded by 
             water - look  only within himself -  lack of affection - punishment -
            misunderstanding - madness - fear - hate - times of 
          reflections ... Isolated within isolation ... 
           Isolated Outside Isolation ... Circles 
          of circles within circles ...

Copyright © 2014/2021 Jose Ney Mila Espinosa.


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