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To Island Two.


Unfinished theories ...

The interpolation between the "real" and the unreal, between the abstract and the "concrete", the "order" and the chaos, create a space without gravity where the dream and the imagined are integrated as one more reality, disappearing the meaning and the logic of  up and down (heaven and earth) and North and South.  

The vertigo of the particles of each body at that moment is produced by their dissolution and new formation at the speed of "thought", pointing at that moment to thought as the only existence inside and outside of that  universe (that's the universe).  

This is produced by a natural link between the conscious (memory) and the subconscious (genetic memory), making the thought based only on the feelings that were experienced, becoming the light or the "darkness" that will reign forever.
When arriving at the reflection in "real time" those groups of points that formed the triangles ("windows", when we were observers) or grids ("doors", when we were protagonists) were left behind, understanding that new "illusion of reality".


The Circle, symbol of the harmony between the inner / outer self, will reveal itself becoming "everything", the conclusion and what could be the constant interpolation between the conscious and the subconscious, freeing the "new Being" (the origin) that will identify itself with its new senses: sensitivity to the "vibrations" of the sound waves (orientation), attraction to the "contrasts" of the temperature / humidity relationship (power supply) and its repulsion to the electro / magnetic "sources" ( destruction) ending up integrating into space simultaneously by creating and dissolving the different fragments of lived time.  

The "reality" will be eternal when the "dreams" also are.

Jose Ney.
Figueras, 2005.

In memory of José Miguel Milá i Martínez.

Copyright © 2014/2021 Jose Ney Mila Espinosa.


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